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Long Bridge Park: Arlington's Signature Park


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The Friends of Long Bridge Park is a volunteer organization that supports the development of Long Bridge Park. We work with Arlington County, user groups, and individuals to develop and maintain the best park in Arlington. Efforts the group has helped to coordinate include:

Lobbied for a new playground to be built in 2013

Ensured the park’s lights are illuminated correctly

Worked with the County to make LBP parking free on evenings and weekends

Encouraging the development of future phases of LBP

We Need Your Help to Make a Difference! The FoLBP has set a goal to expand our membership and secure community support. By becoming a member, you will receive our bimonthly newsletter and invitations to our events. Businesses will receive advertising space in the newsletter and at FoLBP events. 100% of all monies received are used to support Friends of Long Bridge Park Projects. Your dues may be tax deductible. We are a 501c-3 organization as defined by the IRS. We have three membership categories:

Friend (Individual)………………………………..….$10

Patron (Individual or business).…...................$100

Benefactor (Individual or business)................$500

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Current Events and News

Information about Long Bridge Park.

News and Events

The Proposed Arlington County Budget cancels the 4th of July Celebration at Long Bridge Park. This celebration drew over 10,000 people for many years. Included in the party was a band, games for children, food trucks and many other activities. Write the county board to keep this event! (
The County has made a choice on the contractor for Phase 2: Coakley Williams. The board will vote on the selection on November 28, 2017. Once approved, the team will start to design and maybe start construction as early as July 2018.
The Friends of Long Bridge Park are going to meet to hear an update on the park and to think about the future of the park. The first meeting is January 31, 2015 at Walter Reed Community Center at 3:30pm. If you can not come, be sure and sign up for our newsletter!
Near 6th Street, a new playground is going to be built. This playground has been approved by Arlington County Board and shoul be started shortly and completed in 2015. It will have many features for the youth. For more details about the playground see the County Pdf about the playground.
See Arlington County for Route The schedule can be found here.
The bids for Phase 2 were too high and the project is on hold. The county is working on finding new sources of funds.


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By Photographers from the Park.



Find out about the availability of fields at LBP.

Field 1

Field 1 has Soccer, Men's Lacrosee and Woman's Lacrosse field markings. It is the largest field at LBP and has the most seating.
The field was developed with Marymount University and is the home to their soccer and lacrosse games.

Status of Field 3
Field 3

Field 3

This field is the western (or near Long Bridge Drive) field. The field is set up to go either as one field or as two smaller fields. The field may have small amount of seating.

Status of Field 4
Field 4

Field 4

This field is the eastern (or near the esplande) field. The field is set up to go either as one field or as two smaller fields. The field has a small amount of seating.


About Longbridge Park

Learn About our Park and History.

Long Bridge Park: Arlington's Signature Park

Long Bridge Park: Arlington's Signature Park

Long Bridge Park is located north of Crystal City between I-395 and the George Washington Parkway. The park, which opened in November 2011, has transformed a major brownfield into a high-quality green space and recreational area for Arlington residents and workers. The Washington Smart Growth Alliance has identified development of the park as a top conservation priority. The park features three full-size, multi-sport, lighted synthetic turf athletic fields; a network of walkways; an overlook at the north end with views of U.S. Capitol and Washington Monument; a "wave arbor" public art feature; and a three-quarter acre rain garden that directs runoff from the park's sports fields and parking lot into a planted garden of native shrubs and perennials. The park also offers picnic areas, interpretive displays, restrooms and on-site parking. The park's unifying feature is its Esplanade, an elevated public space that runs parallel to the adjacent railroad tracks. Here park visitors are able to stroll, bike, watch trains and airplanes, participate in festivals, or just relax under the shade of flowering trees while enjoying amazing views of the Potomac River and Roaches Run Waterfowl Sanctuary.

FAQ about the Park

FAQ about the Park

What is Long Bridge Park (LBP)? LBP is a new, multi-use Arlington County park. It is located off I-395, opposite the Pentagon. What is being built and actively planned? Phase 1a consists of three, lighted, world-class athletic fields and several passive amenities. It is under construction now and will open in Fall 2011. Phase 1b is a comprehensive aquatics, health and fitness facility. Other phases will follow to complete development of the park. Are there environmental issues? LBP is a former industrial site. As such, there were contamination issues. But the County developed and implemented a very aggressive remediation plan for Phase 1a (approved by VA Dept of Environmental Quality). A like commitment applies to any contamination found at the Phase 1b site.

FAQ about the Park

About the Friends of Long Bridge Park

What is mission statement of the Friends? Friends of Long Bridge Park (FoLBP) is a citizens' group dedicated to supporting, improving and further developing Long Bridge Park, Arlington's newest public park and recreational open space.

FoLBP is devoted to:

*Working with the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Resources to improve, promote, and interpret Long Bridge Park

*Supporting the development of additional recreational facilities planned for the park

*Co-sponsoring and facilitating park events

*Developing programs to encourage diverse uses of the park and foster a sense of community

*Recruiting volunteers to support park activities, programs and workdays

*Educating the public about the park�s development, history and environmental restoration

*Creating a forum for the park's constituents and multiple user groups

To find out more about the Friends of Long Bridge Park, you can download our flyer.


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